Iulian Agapie

Iulian Agapie

F@*k art!

“The elitist philosophy of fine art should not be used anymore because the ideas of postmodernism or conceptualism are so similar to today’s internet culture.” -from the internet.

Color, composition, form, contrast, are the raw elements to create a message that needs to be sent directly to an emphatic brain and be perceived as a familiar feeling, regardless of reason. This is only possible by manipulating the perception and guessing what can create a specific feeling, ‘cause some of you empathize by color, others by different shapes, or contrasts, and majority to the specific message that the artist injects it “in your face”. Therefore, an artist, a visual artist, a painter, is just a big liar that lies by creating the impression of a feeling.

I use all of those raw elements, play them in this way that I was trained, and I try to fool your perception making you to feel what I want, a specific theme or object, or feeling, to make you to revise your love life, or to contemplate death, to feel poor or to be in an unending orgasm. And all of this by smudging some paint on canvas.

This is all about art. Nothing more.

I am a forger of feelings.

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Iulian Agapie

Who am I?

Not that it would matter to this Universe…

1977’s earthquake announced my birth to the world with three weeks in advance.

I presented my first artworks to the world when I started to be able to hold a pencil and, luckily, my father provided the walls that kept for a time my sketches. Eager to pursue and educate my interest in art, I followed the traditional way by going to school and art highschool. And later to the art university. So, I have a diploma of master degree on fine arts.

As an employee I create art for computer and mobile games.

I find painting a good way to expel my deep feelings, especially in the middle of the crowd, instantly inspired by the energy of a concert. That is a very good therapy after a long work day at the office.

I paint while I’m singing and I sing while I’m painting, in my own studio, or on a stage, always inspired by music, live concerts and the mood of the audience.

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Beer, metal and live paintings on an evening without concerts, just good music and lots of friends.Paint 'n' Rock was invited to bring color to the...

Paint ‘n’ Rock @Quantic Club with Costin Chioreanu

On 23rd September 2020, in the middle of the pandemic restrictions, a surprising event took place at Quantic Club in Bucharest, being the first true representation of the Paint ‘n’ Rock project.

You can contact me regarding anything about my art, including price inquires, events and commissions.


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